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Posted by Victoria Baxter | September 15, 2006

The People Speak has gotten off to a great start!  Events are underway throughout the U.S.  Check out the Find an Event page to locate an event near you. It's being constantly updated, so check back often. The Forum has hosted some really great discussion about climate change, the impact of 9/11 and whether the MDGs are a realistic goal or overly ambitious. 

There has been a lot of activity at the UN and on UN issues. Here are some highlights. George Clooney and Elie Wiesel address the UN Security Council to urge them to take action on Darfur.  The election for the next Secretary General is heating up.  The Senate delayed a vote on the nomination of John Bolton.  The General Assemly opened this week with new GA President Sheika Haya.  The Gates and Rockefeller Foundations and the Soros Foundation announced major new initiatives on fighting hunger and poverty in Africa. Scientists announced new evidence on melting polar ice and climate change.

Next week, look foward to a focus on Darfur, with a new Movie of the Week discussion and ideas on how you can get involved in Darfur action campaigns.  

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