Save a Life (no, really!)

Posted by Victoria Baxter | November 29, 2006

The People Speak has started a Nothing But Nets team! Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria. It turns out that a $10 bed net can accomplish this task. So simple: stop mosquitos from biting and prevent malaria, the number 1 killer of children in Africa. The campaign started with an article written by Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly. His article resulted in $1.2 million (that's right, million!) raised. He was lucky enough to travel to Nigeria to see the nets distributed. Click here for an article in SI about his trip.

You can join the effort! Click here to join the TPS Nothing But Nets team. You can donate $10, recruit new members and help the team reach its goal of raising $5,000.

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