Newt Gingrich: Dreaming Big on Renewable Energy

Posted by Guest Blogger | September 13, 2006

Guest Blogger: Newt Gingrich | Former Speaker of the House

I admit that I believe in dreaming big. My dad was a career soldier who spent his entire career defending the United States from the Soviet Union. From him I learned to believe it was possible to live in a world where there was no Soviet Union. It turns out he was right.It was possible.

Today, I think it’s possible to live in a world where oil rich countries run by dictators produce petrochemicals for manufacturing, but are not a significant supplier of the world’s vast energy needs. In this world, these countries would have little leverage or influence on the American economy and the need to protect the flow of oil would be eliminated. I also believe 25x’25 is the first step to that future.

25x’25 is a campaign to use 25% renewable energy by 2025. This is not just an idealistic goal, but one that makes sense for our economy. Science-and technology-basedentrepreneurial free markets create more choices of higher quality goods at lower cost. Just look at food production, where we have moved the planet from a fundamentalconcern about malnutrition to an enormous challenge of obesity.

Can we produce a similar scale of increase in productivity as it relates to renewable energy? Then, can we create an environment and a system of incentives that leads Americans to a dramatic increase in their reliance on renewable energy and a dramatic increase on resources being spent here at home?

I believe we can, in part, because I believe the scale of scientific change we’re going to see in the next 25 years will be just breathtaking. If we do this right, there’s going to be an enormous world market opportunity. If we develop the technologies, the tools, and the techniques that enable us to produce at least 25% of our energy from renewables, we will create products that are saleable in India, China, and sub-Saharan Africa. This creates

American jobs and increases American incomes.

I haven’t even added in the clear national security benefits of 25x’25. Once you add that to the mix along with benefits to the environment and benefits to the U.S. economy, improving the quality of rural life and incomes for American farmers, you build a package that has enormous compelling reason for virtually every American to pay attention to the goal of 25x’25.

-Newt Gingrich is the Former Speaker of the House


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