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Nothing but Nets: Students are leading the way

Posted by Victoria Baxter | February 2, 2007

There is a great article about malaria and the Nothing But Nets campaign in the Yale Daily News. Here's a bit of it:

" Students in particular are stepping up to this call for social justice in our world. Last month, I got a first-hand understanding of the magnitude of global health activism in New York at a kickoff for the Nothing But Nets campaign, which was organized by the New Haven-based nonprofit Americans for Informed Democracy. Within only one week, hundreds of students from all over our area responded and came to an event organized to send a simple message: Bed nets can save lives. 

Nothing But Nets: About the Boot Camp

Posted by Guest Blogger | January 8, 2007

Guest blogger: Moriyina Cole 

On January 3rd and 4th a group of 200 students including me was chosen to attend a Boot Camp in New York City. Yes Boot Camp. This was not your ordinary Boot Camp. It was one were we had the opportunity to learn about Malaria and its affect on some of the developing Countries in Asia and Africa, including Sierra Leone where I was born.


Thinking Ahead

Posted by Victoria Baxter | December 19, 2006

I don't know about you, but with the holidays approaching and the calendar ready to flip to a shiny brand new year, I get a bit reflective.  What was good and what was bad about 2006?  What can I do better next year? 

So begins the season of resolutions.   What are your resolutions for next year?  So far, I have three.  Here they are: 

World Heritage Photo Contest

Posted by Victoria Baxter | December 4, 2006

Friends of World Heritage is sponsoring a photo contest with an amazing prize.  Upload a photo of any World Heritage sites and you could win a trip for two to Mexico’s spectacular Yucatán Peninsula.  The trip is an 8 day/7 night exploration of three of Mexico's World Heritage sites.  The second and third prizes aren't bad either: two free air tickets and one flight from the U.S. to Merida, Mexico, respectively.  With over 830 properties included in the World Heritage list, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a place to snap a photo and enter the contest.  

Save a Life (no, really!)

Posted by Victoria Baxter | November 29, 2006

The People Speak has started a Nothing But Nets team! Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria. It turns out that a $10 bed net can accomplish this task. So simple: stop mosquitos from biting and prevent malaria, the number 1 killer of children in Africa. The campaign started with an article written by Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly. His article resulted in $1.2 million (that's right, million!) raised. He was lucky enough to travel to Nigeria to see the nets distributed. Click here for an article in SI about his trip. 

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