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Raffi's Global Cooling song

Posted by Jessica Mariglio | October 30, 2009

 Check out Raffi's song about climate change!

Poverty and Climate Change

Posted by Jessica Mariglio | October 13, 2009

The face of poverty is changing. More accurately, it’s expanding.
Poverty no longer means simply the lack of industry or financial growth. We now live in a world where developing nations not only get hit the hardest by the effects of climate change, but where they are also forced to make the gut-wrenching decision between environmental sustainability or economic survival.

Green-Collar Jobs

Posted by Jessica Mariglio | September 16, 2009

According to the USA Today/Gallup poll, the top five issues for people under 30 in the 2008 elections were:  1) the economic crisis, 2) healthcare availability, 3) improving the job market, 4) foreign conflicts and affairs, and 5) the environment. Now, a year later, activists are pushing to knock out 1, 3, and 5 in one fell swoop. 

Announcing Fall 09 Global Debates Topic!!!!

Posted by Jessica Mariglio | September 11, 2009

 Hey potential Global Debaters! We're really excited to announce the Fall 2009 Global Debates topic!

Back to School!

Posted by Jessica Mariglio | September 9, 2009

Ahhh, my favorite time of year: Autumn. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, the trees are starting to turn, the days are getting a bit colder and -best of all- classes are beginning. This year, consider the little things you can do to make your back to school routine a little more earth-friendly.

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